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We are a family owned bakery that started with a dream for healthy, great tasting bread after my husband Tim and I moved to Tennessee from Germany. Out of this grew a passion for baking in the traditional ways and the opening of our own bakery in August of 2000. Everyone at Silke's Old World Breads is a vital part of creating, baking, packaging, delivering, and selling fresh breads and pastries as well as preparing fresh, healthy food. We are honored to nourish you on all levels!

Our History in honor of our Cafe's 10th Birthday

A note to you from Silke

Silke’s Old World Breads is a family-owned Bakery/Deli/Café in Clarksville, Tennessee. My husband Tim and I created it with a dream of providing nourishing artisan breads, delicious food (including many German specialties), and European-style pastries and cakes within a cheerful and cozy atmosphere for you.

Silke’s has grown from the original bakery located in our family’s converted garage to a wonderful centrally-located venue close to Clarksville’s downtown area where you can enjoy breakfast meet-ups, lunch dates, or a casual coffee date and a snack. Quality, flavor, and friendly service are always of the highest priority here.

Our story began in 1999 on our family's return trip from Germany. Whenever I was able to visit Germany, I would spend time in all the wonderful local bakeries while dreaming of owning my own, and it was no different on this particular trip. At that time, I was already baking bread for my family and friends in Clarksville, with my kids running around the kitchen, and had started the sourdough that, to this day, is used to make many of our breads rise.

As I sat down in my airplane seat on the return flight, the in-flight magazine was drawing my attention as I saw a picture of a loaf of bread on the front cover with the title, "Bread Rises". The article chronicled the renaissance of artisan bakeries in America, and how there were many family-owned bakeries starting to emerge because these people were passionate about their craft and love for baking. To me, with goosebumps all over my arms and a nudge in my heart, this was my sign to take the skills I had already been practicing at home and start my own bakery in Clarksville!

And so, in August 2000, Silke's Old World Breads was born from humble beginnings in a small commercial kitchen that my husband Tim and I and our 2 boys created in an area of our home.

From the very beginning, the philosophy was to bake fresh bread, made from scratch with real ingredients, using the traditional methods of the art of handcrafting loaves. This meant using fresh sourdough and slow fermentation techniques which not only bring out the natural flavor, but also allow for harmonious digestion of Silke’s breads. Another element that has been important to us since the beginning is the incorporation of many seeds and nuts, as well as organic flours and grains, into the creations that nourish you and your family.

We wanted to be sure that any ingredients used would only be what was truly required for real bread, without all the artificial additives. These philosophies have remained to this day, and Silke’s breads are still created with the same recipes we used back then! Our unwavering dedication to consistency in these techniques and philosophy has ensured high quality in every loaf to this day.

Silke’s bakery has since grown with the addition of the Café in 2005, and the Deli in 2012, and all are now housed in a historic warehouse located on College Street. Our commitment to providing traditional and healthy food has extended into the wide selection of German specialties that are offered in the Café and Deli, and everything, including Silke’s breads and pastries, is handmade and fresh.

In the Deli you will find German meats, gourmet cheeses, pretzels, Silke’s bakery selection of German/ European/artisan breads and pastries, foods from local vendors, and many other goodies.

In the Café you will find a large menu selection including pizza, sandwiches (made using our artisan breads), soups, salads, traditional German foods like schnitzel, and the largest variety of vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free items in town! There is even a small separate room for small-group gatherings.

No matter if you enjoy having a cup of coffee or, perhaps, a specialty latté with a fresh slice of Black Forest cake; or maybe it’s a vegan pastry with a chai tea made with soy milk that sounds like the perfect combination . . . you will feel like you are at home in Silke’s cozy atmosphere.

Everything is prepared right in front of your eyes and our friendly staff (comprised of  just the best, most wonderful people btw.) is more than happy to help you customize your meal. Come on in, enjoy your dining experience while your kids have fun in our play area, and be nourished by us on all levels!

Thank you for your business, we appreciate you!

May you create many beautiful memories at Silke’s with your friends and family!

Love, Silke


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