Welcome to our Deli

We take you to Germany just by walking through our doors. Where you will find our breads, pastries, German meats, and gourmet cheeses. Where you can pick up a cup of coffee or latte and a nourishing breakfast on your way to work, or get some lunch to go for yourself, friends, and coworkers. And of course, you can sit down inside our deli and outside on the patio and enjoy our creations. So, please come in for a unique experience.

Guten Appetit!

A December morning at Silke's

Enjoy the Winter Wonderland that is our Deli

"We have enjoyed Silke's breads since before she opened her shop (we bought them at Kroger). Her new Gluten Free bread is fantastic and my wife loves it!!"

- Charles Hajdu, customer

"One bite and I'm transported back to my grandmother's kitchen sixty years ago. The smells, the tastes and her voice all come flooding back in a sea of warm memories. Thank you."

- Hank Koebler Jr, customer

"Best chocolate croissants! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. The staff is so friendly. Always greeted with a warm friendly smile when I stop in."

- Karen Fleckner, customer

"When I was a little boy I lived in Schweinfurt, Germany, and so the taste of authentic German bread, deli meats, cookies, and even the ambience of the little shops where they were sold was imprinted in my memory. Silke's is the real thing, folks! So much so that I bought a cooler while in Clarksville so that I could haul more goodies back to Memphis. The staff will even help you revive your German language if you try to "sprechen ein wenig Deutsch." LOVE this place; love these people. Don't miss Silke's Old World Bakery!"

- Chris Coates, customer

"I drive 45 miles for Silke's great lunches, great breads, genuine European-style pastries!"

- Paula Lisowsky, customer

"I keep a stash of Silke's Seeded Multigrain Bread in my freezer. When a two day loss of power from an ice storm resulted in the loss of my stash, I went and replaced my stash the morning after the power returned, a trip of 100 miles total. Worth it!!!"

- Brenda Llewellyn Williams, customer

"I have really enjoyed your vegan and gluten free treats!!! Danke Silke!."

- Heather Ray Denard, customer